Business Experience

Our team is more than a bunch of novices looking to do some cool stuff on the mobile web. At CleverStep, we have a depth of experience in working with many complex technologies. This experience allow mobile solutions to come to life. Moreover, our technical expertise considers efficient methods connecting apps and synchronizing any backend data or content keeping your mobile solution current and rich with information. If you don’t have backend applications, our mobile solutions will give you the means to create content to drive your mobile applications.

Its great to build a fancy house but it must sit on a solid foundation with efficient plumbing and electrical systems to make it a stable environment.

Working with CleverStep - Our creative and development process

Clever apps require proven development methods. We have perfected our development process to ensure the highest level of quality while meeting your expectations. The fun part is you are part of the process.

When you work with CleverStep you will experience a unique blend of talented experts who are great listeners and learners but not afraid to offer you direction and advice. You teach us about your business and we will teach you how to transform your business with mobile technology.

Our process begins by planning your solution. During Mobile Planning our team will understand your business model, objectives and goals. We will uncover unique ways to leverage mobile technology not because its cool, but because it will drive business, save time and make happier employees and customers.

Next, we put the mobile solution plan into action. Our team will put our creativity brains to work. We will design amazing looking screens that are engaging and fun to use. More importantly, we will carefully map out the back end plumbing to ensure that your mobile solution combines with the right set of functionality and content to offer a unique experience. We love to hear your feedback on our designs which energizes us and confirms we are on the right path.

When we agree on the designs our team develops the mobile solution. We tap into our collective expertise to ensure all the pieces come together and work. Careful testing is done to ensure our mobile solutions will stand up to your expectations.

Finally, we work with you to deploy your application. We will work with the app stores to certify the application and make it available for download. We will also offer you advice how to promote your new app and make sure you have the backend procedures in place to support your business and the mobile solution.

Spotlight Mobile App of the month. Jamis Bicycles goes Mobile!

  • Problem:

    Noticing the biking industry was starting to be present in the mobile world, Jamis saw an opportunity to be an early adopter of a mobile solution for their customers and biking enthusiasts. After much consideration Jamis identified some clear basic principles for their mobile solution: 45

    • They wanted a unique engaging mobile application that would keep their customers and biking enthusiasts coming back on a daily basis.
    • They wanted a professional grade application that would support the Jamis brand and provide relevant real time content about the company and products while building a strong Jamis community.

    After conducting an extensive research process of mobile applications and application developers, Jamis choose CleverStep.

  • The Clever Approach:

    The first meeting was a working dinner session. We explored mobile applications that they liked, and were able to identify what they did not like. We also spent a great deal of time learning about the Jamis brand, their web presence, history of the company and goals for their mobile application.

    Now we were ready to start designing the mobile solution. Designing the mobile solution was a balance between features that customers and bike enthusiasts would appreciate with CleverStep's recommendations on mobile capabilities and how to make an engaging user experience. We were quickly able to solidify our ideas and build the custom mobile solution.

  • The Jamis Bicycle Mobile Solution

    CleverStep built a custom mobile application that would promote the Jamis brand and build a loyal community. Features included in the Jamis Mobile Application include:

    Product Catalog - Search the latest Jamis bike catalog.

    Find a dealer - Search for a Jamis dealers across US along with International distributors.

    Technical Information - Technical information about Jamis bicycles such as setup, maintenance, warranties and troubleshooting tips.

    Jamis News - News about Jamis bicycles and the biking industry

    Teams/Athletes - Consolidation of Twitter and Facebook postings from biking professionals.

    Jamis Family - Integrating with the mobile device cameras, the Jamis family helps build a strong community by posting pictures about bikes, races and bike enthusiasts.

Who is CleverStep?

  • Multiple Device Support: iPhone, Driod, BlackBerry
  • Product Catalogs
  • Social Networking w/ Facebook and Twitter
  • Camera and Photo Book
  • Integration w/ Maps
  • Registration System